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Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the finest and most attractive wildlife sanctuaries in south India. Located in the most picturesque surroundings of the hilly terrain of the Western Ghats, the Mudumalai National Park covers an area of approximately 321 sq km. The Mysore-Ooty highway runs through the Park, following the course of the Moyar River, which separates Mudumalai National Park from the famous Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka. The Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary is also a part of the famous Nilgiri Bio-sphere Reserve of India.

Needle Rock View Point

Needle Rock View Point is a tourist spot in Gudalur, The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu. Where the Gudalur is located 51 km on the west of Ooty and the Needle Rock viewpoint is about 8 km from Gudalur on the way of Gudalur-Ooty road. The view point gives you a 360 degree view. The view point is also known as Soochimalai and gets its name from its conical shape.

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Frog Hill View Point

Frog Hill View Point is a tourist spot in Gudalur, The Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu. It is about 12 km from Gudalur on the way of Gudalur-Ooty road. From here one can see gigantic frog shape of a hill.

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Wayanad, the green paradise is nestled among the mountains of the Western Ghats, forming the border world of the greener part of Kerala. Clean and pristine, enchanting and hypnotizing, this land is filled with history and culture. Located at a distance of 76 km. from Kumarakom-bird Sanctuarythe sea shores of Kozhikode, this verdant hill station is full of plantations, forests and wildlife. Wayanad hills are contiguous to Mudumalai in Tamil Nadu and Bandhipur in Karnataka, thus forming a vast land mass for the wild life to move about in their most natural abode.Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is contiguous to the protected area network of Nagarhole and Bandipur of Karnataka on the north-east and Mudimalai of Tamil Nadu on the south-east. Rich in bio-diversity, the sanctuary is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, Which has been established with the specific objective of conservating the biological heritage of the region.

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Coonoor is the second largest hill station in the Nilgiris, surrounded by tea plantations, at an altitude of 1839 metres. Its climate is milder than Ooty. It is a very popular weekend get away for the people in Coimbatore. Coonoor is essentially a small tea garden town where the weather remains pleasantly cool throughout the year. Coonoor is on the toy-train line between Mettupalayam (28 km) and Ooty. A popular pastime is birdwatching, as an extensive variety of birds can be spotted. The main attraction is the Sim’s Park, a small well maintained botanical garden that has several varieties of plants. It is about 19kms to the south of Ooty and is accessible by both train and road.

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Ooty / Udhagamandalam

Ooty is a right spot for the lover of nature. It is located at a distance of 105 km away from Coimbatore. It sparkles with fresh vegetation and sceneries. It is “queen of all hill station”. The height of the hills in the Nilgiri range varies between 2280 and 2290 meters. It attracts the tourist by its charming flowers. Lofty mountains, dense forest, acres and acres of tea estates are green feast for the eyes of the tourist.

The fast food world man runs his life in this world of tension; and living in the sweltering heat; to while away his short leisure hour he can spend that with nature (ooty).The weather of valley is salubrious. Ooty is a best place to know the culture and tradition of India and tribal people.

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Masinagudi is a stretch of bliss (forest in practical terms) between the Bandhipur national park (Karnataka) and Mudhumalai National park (Tamilnadu)in India. Filled with sunlight (day) and moonlight (night) distilled through trees and silence punctuated with cries of the wild, Masinagudi offers hope and scope for weekenders looking for a stint in the wild and trekkers looking for tenacious terrain. Masinagudi offers you the option of having a peaceful, tranquil, beautiful and excellent getaway for a couple of days within the bounds of its Vicinity.

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Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary is home to over 200 species of birds belonging to 48 families. In predators, the Asiatic Wild Dog or Dhole is most prominent wild animal in the park, known for its ferocity. Even Tigers and Leopards think twice before challenging them, especially when Dholes are in a group. The Dholes are most commonly seen in the eastern part of the Mudumalai National Park, where the vegetation is scant.

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